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Lila Lace & Fabric, which produces ambitious collections in the categories of underwear, sportswear, swimwear and outerwear, regularly invests in innovation in order to protect its innovative brand identity. Effective R&D studies are given great importance both in fabric quality tests and in new product creation processes. Lila Lace & Fabric, which is also open to various business partnerships in innovation, has a vision that always looks for firsts. The biggest example of this is that TENCEL started the production of lace of botanical origin in cooperation. Environmentally friendly fabrics made of UMORFIL yarn produced with bionic nylons, which are used with great appreciation in many parts of the world, can be given as another example.

Lila Lace & Fabric, which exhibits an open attitude to every innovation that will maximize its competitiveness in the world textile arena, is shown as one of the most important companies in Europe today. The company, which has a positive view of all kinds of cooperation that encourages the development of new products, reflects a dynamic corporate culture that pursues firsts.

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